Our eye examinations and contact lens consultations are carried out by a small group of fully qualified and experienced optometrists. We allow 30 minutes per patient to allow for a full and thorough examination. It will start with a full ocular history, general health overview and specific visual requirements. We will then carry out a full refraction, including near vision and VDU requirements. It will finish with an examination of the health of the eye area (inside and out). Field Screening, Volk lens and Retinal Photography (£10 additional charge) will ensure that any health problems are detected early and correctly.

Regular eye examinations are necessary to ensure your optimum visual comfort and can often indicate other health problems that may otherwise go undetected. The current price for an eye examination is £40.00, but many people are eligible for NHS tests including children, the over 60's and those on a low income.

I have always found my eye test to be very thorough and the girls are lovely to deal with too.

M Shepherd

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